Monday, 17 November 2014

The Beach...

In the summer holidays I took a visit to Bridlington on a very muggy day. I decided to get some macro shots of the different textures around the beach and I got some wide angle shots of the landscapes and the different surroundings. I also made the most out of my surroundings by create really arty images and by using stones to create a sculpture and I used shells in different ways to create really delicate but arty images with them. I faded the images a little again in Photoshop as again this is a memory for me visiting this beach and because I haven't been for ages it was a vague memory to me so fading the images out created that physical distortion of it being a memory to me. It was a really muggy day which helped with the images and the effect I wanted to cerate with them as there was a foggy effect to it already. It was a lovely day overall and was quite warm and it was a typical day at the beach... what can you not like about the seaside! If you want to see more of these images leave a comment so I can post them in another blog post.     

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