Thursday, 27 November 2014

Adding Old To The New

We all enjoy looking through old photographs from our past family members and especially for me, i enjoy seeing what the photography was like back then and what cameras or equipment they used to take their images. I decided to do a photo shoot about the old vs the new. I love mixing the two together and seeing the interesting effects at the end. I first scanned a bunch of old photographs that would be useful for the shoot and i also took images of my family now. I used Photoshop to create the final images by editing the new images into black and white to still get that old tone to the images and so it related to the shoot and i also used Photoshop to add the old images over the top of the new. The images that include the old image being placed over the top is easy to create as all you do is cut the image up into sections that you want (e.g. if you want to paste an old image of someones eyes, then crop the eyes only) and then add it over the top of the new image. I think the colour of some of the old images contrast so well because it's really washed out and has a yellow tint to them so you still get the impression that they are old and it contrasts with the monochrome images well. The images where it looks like the old images have been projected over the new, was done by using the 'multiply' blending mode in Photoshop and no editing needs to be done apart from that and you get a double exposure effect which also looks like a projection. I find these images work the best because it also has a creepy element to them with the out of focus and overexposed effect, it makes the images look ghostly. 

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