Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Double Exposure (Inspiration From Christoffer Relander)

I decided that i wanted to really try something different for a change and really push myself to deliver some different and detailed images. I had looked at Christoffer Relanders work who focuses on double exposure images and his were fantastic so i thought 'yes! This is something i need to try!'. It took me absolutely ages to try and figure out how to achieve the look in Photoshop and it literally took me i'd say about 5 attempts of trying out different effects and blending options in Photoshop. After about 2 hours i had finally figured out how to do it and i was over the moon. I then applied the same effect to most of my studio images. I used images i had taken of a few models in the studio with some images of trees to overlap the image with as trees have different shapes and structures to them (especially with different styled leaves) and i then attempted to make a full range of different images with this double exposure effect. I made sure the images of the trees had a white background as the images of the models had a white background so when overlapping them the background stays white. I then changed the blending mode on the tree image to 'Overlay' or 'Multiple' or even 'Screen' (depends on what you prefer and what you want the final outcome to be) and i then turned the opacity down just a little to get both images showing and not getting one coming through stronger than the other. I then changed a few of the images into monochrome as i felt the colour from the trees clashed a little with the skin colour from the models, but i was really pleased with the results and i was really happy with the final results and happy that i had successfully achieved this style of photography. I would definitely recommend having a go at this effect because it's so much fun and you get a result that makes you happy and it's quite simple once you have cracked it!

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