Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Film Camera

Looking back at old photographs that were taken with film amazes me. Seeing how easily an image can be taken now and how it can be saved onto your computer so easily, compared to about 15 years ago when film cameras were still very popular and how the development of film images took a lot of time to do. I got a film camera off eBay for about £10, it's a Vintage Beirette camera which is a German model and I have been buying rolls of film and trying it out. As I am still learning the different settings on the camera I am just setting it to what I think works best and taking the images and hoping for the best when the film is getting developed. One morning when I had woken up there was a gorgeous pink sky and this was an ideal opportunity for images. Instead of grabbing my Canon camera I decided to grab my film camera and try it out and praying that the images were going to come out okay, or I would have missed an ideal photo opportunity. Getting the images developed made me feel so anxious, not realising how scary it can be waiting to see if the images I had taken would come out to a decent quality and not come out completely white. I was really pleased with the outcomes I got from the camera and the effects from the camera gave the images a really old feeling and this is something that I love in images (that vintage feeling). After I had done this shoot, I went around my village taking images on my film camera and trying to take images of my surroundings. I have currently got a roll of black and white film that is being developed so I should hopefully see the outcomes of that roll on Friday and hoping they come out just as good as these have. It's definitely a cheap but good investment!


Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Smoke Experiment

I decided to do an experiment which involved smoke, with this being my first attempt it didn't turn out as well as I hoped it would. But after doing some cropping and editing of colours, they became really strong images. In the first image is my set up, I used candles for the smoke effect and made sure I had a dark background so the white smoke stood out against it. I had a few candles lit at once so then I had thicker smoke and I think an incense stick would work a lot better for thicker smoke. I had a light at the side so that it highlighted the smoke and gave the camera something to focus on when it was taking the pictures. When it came to editing the pictures, I inverted the image so that the smoke was black and the background was white and then I changed the hue of the picture which caused the smoke to change colour. I then duplicated some of the images so that there was multiple images of smoke with different colours. I would definitely try this experiment again and use an incense stick to get thicker smoke as this let me down because it was becoming out of focus as it couldn't focus much on the smoke.