Saturday, 3 January 2015

Oil Bubble Experiment

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year to you all! I was spending time with my family so I didn't blog much over the holiday's so I am now back after my little break. I recently read an article in a photography magazine (Creative Photography) and there was an article on how to use oil bubbles and contrast them with coloured cards for the background. I decided to give it a go tonight and I basically got two boxes (small 10x10 boxes) and I then got a dish which was half full of cold water. I then put a little bit of oil into the water and stirred it round and left it to rest for a minute and then I placed it onto the two propped boxes. I placed one at one side and the other at the other side of the dish so there was a gap in the middle of them. For the first couple of images I used a lacy effect piece of paper and for the rest I cut up different coloured cards and made a little collage of them. I feel the images worked well for a first attempt and as I attempt to do this more I will get better in time and I think the coloured card needs to be a lot brighter to get the effect that they were showing in the magazine. But the different sized bubbles become interesting and the placement of the bubbles create an uneven tone to the image. The colours are really eye grabbing and I think this is a fun experiment to try out even if you only have a few hours it will fit in fine with any plans you have. I think I would use a better dish next time as the one I used was scratched so it didn't look as clean or clear and I would change the card I used to more vibrant ones but apart from that this is a simple and enjoyable experiment. I used some editing in Photoshop just to make the colours stronger in the images but not much needed to be done to them as I let the bubbles be the main focus for the image. In some of the bubbles you can see that they show pieces of the card and distort the background a little and I think this is an interesting effect for the image. I will definitely try this experiment again and I will upload the images in another blog post when I do it again and I would definitely recommend people try this out as well.   

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