About Me 

My name is Hayley and i am a student currently studying photography and waiting to venture out into the wide world of work. I live in the Yorkshire and enjoy my photography and this is what you will expect to see on my blog as it will be tips, testers, shoots, photographers that interest me and all things Fine Art. 

I am also helping out with the Sheffield Steelers as i do support photography there on weekends and i am looking for all kinds of experience throughout my time of leaving college. 

It would be a big dream of mine to travel the world and experience different cultures and countries and to hopefully set up my own business one day selling my photographs for a living. 

I like all things vintage and this may also appear in my photography as i have a full range of different film cameras and can't stop with the obsession i have for them (i have about 9 now…)

Enjoy reading my blog and i hope both my images and posts are maybe inspirational for you or enjoyable for you to read and see.

Hayley xx

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