Friday, 20 March 2015

My Recent Purchase

I'm back! I know i haven't posted in a while - with college work being handed out a lot more i'm trying to keep up with it. But while i've been on my mini break, i've been spending. I have just purchased 3 beautiful vintage cameras from a lovely local shop near where i live for an unbelievable price. Unfortunately i'm struggling to find film that's in date for two of them, i have purchased some film for one of them and i'm super excited to see what results i'll get from it. 

These are all three cameras that i bought this week a Boots Disc 415 camera, a Kodak Instamatic 104 camera and a Nikon Nuvis 200.

This is the Boots Disc 415 camera which was made in the 80's. It's a small and easier camera to use (well it was back then) as it was easy to carry around and take out with you everywhere. It uses a disc shaped film rather than a roll and that's where the name also came from. It was to help reduce film processing costs because they were smaller than 110 cameras and no cheaper to buy or use back then. I have been looking around for film but i'm struggling to find any that are in date so it's still something i need to find. I've seen the effect the camera has when taking images and i would love to start using it. Maybe out of date film could work... 

This camera is an absolute beauty, the Kodak Instamatic 104 camera which was launched in 1963. This takes 126 roll film so a little smaller than other film but again i am struggling to find some that is in date. This camera has been designed so that the film is easy to load so that when you take it out your getting instant pictures that are easy to develop with the roll film. Again, I have seen what the film looks like when it's been developed from this camera and it's absolutely beautiful and I'm so desperate to find the film for it.

This is the Nikon Nuvis 200 camera and it was introduced in 1999 (the year of our last solar eclipse). It is a really light camera as they have used a light plastic for the design of this one with a small built in flash. This seems the easiest to use and it was very easy to find the film for this one as it isn't an old camera to be honest. I can't wait till I get the film and get to see the results for this one as it's a beautiful camera.

Friday, 6 March 2015


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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Photographer Of The Month - Eve Arnold

I have decided to do a photographer monthly post and each month i will post about a photographer that i find inspiring with beautiful images. For this month, i decided to look at a past photographer who i find really inspiring - Eve Arnold.  Eve was born in 1921 and passed away 2012 (aged 99 years old) and her interest in photography all began in 1946 when she worked at a photo-finishing plant in New York. Eve has photographed a range of iconic figures and celebrities but has also done documentaries on the poor (migrant workers and civil-rights protesters in South Africa). 

I was looking at her images she had taken of Marilyn Monroe as she is such an iconic character to me so looking at the images that Eve got of her was amazing to see as it captured the hidden beauty and the behind the scenes of Monroe's lifestyle. Eve had taken a range of images from the set that Monroe was on when she was working on the film 'The Misfits' in 1961 and these images were showing her schedule and some of the scenes she was doing and it was interesting to see the documentary side to the photographs as they were so natural and not set up. 

I have selected a few images below to show you a range of her work she has done with Monroe and it shows the beauty she captures when she was posing and in some natural shots too. The feeling you get from the images shows the old and vintage side to them and the grain on the old images adds to that effect too. The lighting and shadows are what make the images (especially the black and white images) because they are so dark and the lighting was very limited so the little bits of light show the most important details in her images. If you ever have the time to look at her images then it is well worth having a look at - they really are beautiful.

If you have any comments or suggestions please let me know...

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Breakfast Break...

While i'm at college everyday, i find the weekly routine can get a little repetitive after a while, so me and a friend decided to venture out to the cafe Giraffe which is only across the road from us. We thought we would stop off to get some breakfast and this also gave us time to prepare for the working day.

As soon as we sat down… the camera came out!

I felt the atmosphere in the restaurant was a really relaxing and laid back tone. The food and drink was served and presented beautifully and this gave me a good opportunity for images. With these images i faded them in Photoshop to add a vintage and pale tone across the images. I focused on wide angle shots as well as macro images to get focus on composition and detail. These were my main focal points of the shoot as i wanted to try and get the atmosphere from the restaurant across in the images and their individual style. Also having the shadows and highlights help emphasise elements in the images and so this gives it a stronger image so by using the 'Burn Tool' in Photoshop on the shadows, it helps darken the shadows even more. 

Please have the time to look at the images and leave any comments below about the images -

The bold and bright deco is definitely something that stood out to me.

My half demolished toastie...

Hate tomatoes - Yuck!

Contrasting colours used around the cafe stood out well and it also made it look very modern.

The pineapple juice is absolutely lush - Recommend!

I will always have an image that's out of focus within a shoot… Here it is!

The contrast between the light and dark in this image is something that stands out when i look at it.

Shadows were the main focal point of this image and it contrasts well with the bright lights. 

This image has such a vintage feel to it and it's something that fits in so well with the shoot.

Smokey bacon toastie was so fresh and went down well!


Monday, 2 March 2015

Double Exposure At The Beach

These images are another double exposure experiment i have done with my photography. These images were taken quite a while back when i went to Bridlington beach and then i overlaid the images the exact same way as how i did them with the tree double exposures. I really liked the painted and faded effect of the sea in the images and the pattern it leaves over the models skin. I think the black top though distracts it a little but apart from that i really do like these images and the effect they leave. The soft brown and skin colour helps the images stand out on the image. I think this is an experiment i will be trying again as i want to get some more really interesting effects with different parts of the beach. I will also try and expand this shoot by using different images of the beach i got and overlay them on more portrait shots. This effect is something i can try with different styles of photography so it can make so many interesting images and this is really exciting to try. Please have a look and leave a comment on any other subjects i could try using the double exposure with or even what other objects i could use too it doesn't always need to be people to create this effect. Check out the models blog too -