Monday, 2 March 2015

Double Exposure At The Beach

These images are another double exposure experiment i have done with my photography. These images were taken quite a while back when i went to Bridlington beach and then i overlaid the images the exact same way as how i did them with the tree double exposures. I really liked the painted and faded effect of the sea in the images and the pattern it leaves over the models skin. I think the black top though distracts it a little but apart from that i really do like these images and the effect they leave. The soft brown and skin colour helps the images stand out on the image. I think this is an experiment i will be trying again as i want to get some more really interesting effects with different parts of the beach. I will also try and expand this shoot by using different images of the beach i got and overlay them on more portrait shots. This effect is something i can try with different styles of photography so it can make so many interesting images and this is really exciting to try. Please have a look and leave a comment on any other subjects i could try using the double exposure with or even what other objects i could use too it doesn't always need to be people to create this effect. Check out the models blog too - 

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