Thursday, 5 March 2015

Photographer Of The Month - Eve Arnold

I have decided to do a photographer monthly post and each month i will post about a photographer that i find inspiring with beautiful images. For this month, i decided to look at a past photographer who i find really inspiring - Eve Arnold.  Eve was born in 1921 and passed away 2012 (aged 99 years old) and her interest in photography all began in 1946 when she worked at a photo-finishing plant in New York. Eve has photographed a range of iconic figures and celebrities but has also done documentaries on the poor (migrant workers and civil-rights protesters in South Africa). 

I was looking at her images she had taken of Marilyn Monroe as she is such an iconic character to me so looking at the images that Eve got of her was amazing to see as it captured the hidden beauty and the behind the scenes of Monroe's lifestyle. Eve had taken a range of images from the set that Monroe was on when she was working on the film 'The Misfits' in 1961 and these images were showing her schedule and some of the scenes she was doing and it was interesting to see the documentary side to the photographs as they were so natural and not set up. 

I have selected a few images below to show you a range of her work she has done with Monroe and it shows the beauty she captures when she was posing and in some natural shots too. The feeling you get from the images shows the old and vintage side to them and the grain on the old images adds to that effect too. The lighting and shadows are what make the images (especially the black and white images) because they are so dark and the lighting was very limited so the little bits of light show the most important details in her images. If you ever have the time to look at her images then it is well worth having a look at - they really are beautiful.

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  1. Beautiful - She was a very stunning woman. These pictures are amazing.

    1. I absolutely adore her photography. These images are some of my favourite - if you get chance look at her other work and have a look at more of her Monroe images - stunning! Thank you for your comment :)