Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Breakfast Break...

While i'm at college everyday, i find the weekly routine can get a little repetitive after a while, so me and a friend decided to venture out to the cafe Giraffe which is only across the road from us. We thought we would stop off to get some breakfast and this also gave us time to prepare for the working day.

As soon as we sat down… the camera came out!

I felt the atmosphere in the restaurant was a really relaxing and laid back tone. The food and drink was served and presented beautifully and this gave me a good opportunity for images. With these images i faded them in Photoshop to add a vintage and pale tone across the images. I focused on wide angle shots as well as macro images to get focus on composition and detail. These were my main focal points of the shoot as i wanted to try and get the atmosphere from the restaurant across in the images and their individual style. Also having the shadows and highlights help emphasise elements in the images and so this gives it a stronger image so by using the 'Burn Tool' in Photoshop on the shadows, it helps darken the shadows even more. 

Please have the time to look at the images and leave any comments below about the images -

The bold and bright deco is definitely something that stood out to me.

My half demolished toastie...

Hate tomatoes - Yuck!

Contrasting colours used around the cafe stood out well and it also made it look very modern.

The pineapple juice is absolutely lush - Recommend!

I will always have an image that's out of focus within a shoot… Here it is!

The contrast between the light and dark in this image is something that stands out when i look at it.

Shadows were the main focal point of this image and it contrasts well with the bright lights. 

This image has such a vintage feel to it and it's something that fits in so well with the shoot.

Smokey bacon toastie was so fresh and went down well!


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