Friday, 24 April 2015

My Evening Walk

Moving away from my film photography at the moment, I decided to bring out my DSLR camera and go out for an evening walk with my dad to see what I could find. We went to a local wood which normally just has a few birds and wild horses but tonight there was so many interesting animals and lighting settings for me to take pictures of.
We first came across a baby deer and I got the shot when it was looking right at me. It was so scared that it wouldn't take it's eyes off us... until somebody came along to scare it. We then started walking on and all of a sudden 5 cows showed up, then 8, then 10 and then 16 cows were around us. I have never been so excited to see cows before! I was taking pictures of the mother cows and they were happily eating away, then all these calves came running towards us and wanted their pictures taking. But... I don't think their mother liked that, so I moved on after that.
As we were about to leave I turned around to look at the view across the woods and the sun was starting to set. The bright and golden sun started to mesmerise me and I was constantly taking pictures of the trees against the sun. With the sun being so bright, it was making the trees look like silhouettes and I thought it looked so peaceful and I also felt it looked a little like Africa.
It was a very successful evening for my photography and the images I got were something that you don't really get to see everyday (well, when your in Yorkshire you don't).
If you have any comments please let me know and comment below. Thank you for reading.
I can see you.

A very big poser...

They must take after their mum!

Moving on for the evening...

One of my favourite images from the shoot.

These calves liked to pose... I think it was scared stiff to move though.

Dusk starts to fall.

It feels like Africa!

Another sunset shot.

The trees start to look like silhouettes and that's what shows the finer details in the branches.

Such a warm and relaxed tone to this image from the lighting.

Another warm and beautifully composed image.

The night is starting to fall.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Shoot 2 - Imperfections Through The Camera

So, this is now my second part to my film documentary and if you have looked at my first part, you will notice that the images and the subject matters are slightly different. I wanted to try and set more of an urban theme throughout these images as i was focusing my subject matters on urban environments and housing. I used a different film camera for this shoot to my first shoot and even though i was actually on a train when taking these images, it kept the subjects really still and reasonably sharp.

There was a panorama setting on the camera and this is where the black lines have come from as it crops in the image more and i was so satisfied with the outcomes as i was so worried what the panorama setting would look like. I feel that this is one of the stronger shoots out of them all and there are certain features in this shoot that make me feel that way. The saturated colours and the faded sepia tone throughout some of the images also saturates the colours. The slight marks and imperfections in the colour also make the images really old looking and the light levels and slight overexposure adds to the old look too. (Having the date wrong also makes it look as if they were taken 5 years ago… i have now learnt how to change it).

This photo shoot was about my journey from A to B and apart from the urban aspect, i wasn't aiming the image towards nature like i did in my first shoot and i think this broadens my experimentation with the subjects as well as the cameras.

If you have any comments with this series of images or my first series, please leave a comment below with either feedback or some criticism - thank you.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Film Documentary - Imperfections Through The Camera

I hope everyone has had a lovely Easter and had a nice half term and while i've been off i've decided to get some of the film cameras out and test them out. I ended up going to a market at the start of the holidays and i ended up coming away with two more film cameras… that's now 9 in total! In the 6 shoots i did throughout Easter i used 3 of my film cameras and wanted to see what effect i would get from them and with some being older than others, i wanted to compare the results i got from them. I looked at the older one first which is a German Vintage Beirette Camera and they were first used in the 1960's so i was really excited to see what the images would come out like. With it being an older camera, you have to wind the film yourself so this caused me to sometimes wind too much or not enough and get some half and half images which is something i love to see. It's like an accidental double exposure. 

As you may be able to tell, i am a little shaky so with the older cameras it really does pick up on the shake and the motion and so this makes them a little out of focus, but it does work well it gives it that older effect and again it links with the imperfections through the camera. As people would see the out of focus and overexposed look as an imperfection, i want people to see it as a perfection and to find it interesting, it gives the viewer more to think about and study and understand

This was my first shoot and all these images were taken in my garden as i was trying to find subject matters that might not be that aesthetically pleasing and then some that were the complete opposite so that there was that comparison in the photo shoot.

I will be uploading all 6 photo shoots that i have done on my film cameras so keep looking throughout the next few days to see my different photo shoots and the different images and subject matters i focused on. 

If you have any comments at all on my images or on what i could do to improve please let me know and i'll act up on any comments i get - thank you - enjoy. 

This image and the next image are perfect examples of the different subject matters as these images are complete opposites.

Got to love spring...

I love how this one looks so faded from the motion of the camera.

The vintage tone in this image really brightens the yellows and brightens the darker colours too.

My favourite...

Another favourite...

Yep… another favourite

And this one is too!

The composition of the flower makes it difficult to see what it is but it also works out better this way as the bright, vibrant colours make the image work.

The bright and dull colours in this image contrasts each other.

As the flower started to blow in the wind and i lost it… the composition and angle of this image still creates an interesting image which will get the viewer thinking about the subject matter.

Some more twigs.

This has a gloss finish to it and i love how this image actually fades to black when it reaches the bottom, very dark and mysterious...

The bold brown twig against such a pale wall creates a strong contrast and also gives a focal point for the viewer.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Typical British Weather

Okay, since spring has arrived all it's done is rain!! This is just typical British weather so I haven't really been out to take images with it being so cold and horrible. I decided to go out into the garden though and get a few images that would describe British weather easily but to also make my images bright... I don't want them to be dull like the weather we have. I was limited on what I could take images of and I didn't want to spend too long in the rain as I was recovering from a chest infection so I managed to get a few images that were both composed and edited well. For the last section of my images the background was really dark for some reason and the flowers came out fine and instead of brightening it up in Photoshop, I decided to darken the background so it was completely black and this worked out so well for my images... It really helps the flowers stand out and I was so pleased. I think framing some of these just has to be done.
Have a look through these images and let me know what you think of the editing and let me know if there is anything else I could add into the project. I feel that carrying it on might be a good idea and will help me create a stronger project.

These flowers have had a soaking but it has more of a silky smooth effect to them in the first image and in the second they look the complete opposite, so dry with big still drops on them.

I didn't want to edit this image because it wouldn't work with the raindrops hanging from the bottom so I left this one like this and darkened some of the area in the background and I was pleased with the result I got.

These are all the images that I had decided to darken out the background and the white contrasts so well with the black and the raindrops stand out to the max. The last image is also very eye catching as it has the sharp and bright coloured middle and the petals then come across really soft and slightly out of focus so your eyes are drawn straight to the middle of the image.