Friday, 12 December 2014

Revisiting The Past

As i am still looking at memories, i decided to do a photo shoot that was again, based on memories. I had looked at the photographer Angie Buckley who gave me the inspiration for this photo shoot. She collected old photographs of her family and for the people who had died, she had cut out their place on the picture and this represented time passing and people fading. I collected old photographs of members of my family and i got some old looking paper from a craft shop and i scanned all the old images onto the computer and printed them out onto some of the old paper. I felt that this made them look more like old images rather than printing them out onto plain white paper, it wouldn't have the same effect. I then got a crafts knife and cut out a person from the image and placed them in flowers and places which were colourful and bright so that it stood out well and contrasted with it. I also then looked at a similar photographer called Greg Sand who specialises in montages but he did a similar photo shoot but placed a map behind the photo so the cut out parts were not blank it had a pattern behind it. I decided to do this for a few of the photographs as it added colour to it and added some detail from the different roads and colours. This was a photo shoot that i enjoyed doing and it is really simple to do as well it didn't take a lot of time to cut them out but i had to make sure i didn't have a blunt crafts knife and had a cutting mat underneath to protect the surface. If you want to look at anymore of the photographs if you leave a comment i can upload some more for people to see. 

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