Sunday, 9 November 2014

Liverpool Trip (Part 1)

In my photography course, I recently visited Liverpool to take pictures as there is a lot of galleries in Liverpool that are interesting and we also got to go around Liverpool and explore. We first came across this abandoned skate park which was covered in graffiti. The windows, planks of wood and also drainpipes were covered in graffiti too. I haven't seen so much graffiti like this before it was stunning. The bright colours and the different images and writing made the skate park perfect for pictures. So in this part of my Liverpool blog post I have decided to show some of the images I had taken. I tried to take some macro images of the different textures from the wall and wood chippings and show the bright colours from the graffiti and make that the main focus of the images. If you ever find yourself in Liverpool it's definitely worth a visit for images I really do recommend it. I will be putting my other images from an Old Blind School in Liverpool up on my blog this week as well. Any comments will be appreciated greatly.    

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