Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Memories Theme

I went to my grandmas this week for this photo shoot as I wanted to adapt the theme of memories and photograph things which were quite old and fragile. I used the same effect as I did in my last blog post as I wanted to create that sense of the fragile and delicate touch. Some of the images are macro to get most of the delicate details in the image and then some of them are more wide angle images to get a sense of the atmosphere. I really like he simplicity of some of the images and I was really thinking about the composition of the images because you want to get certain elements in the images. I will be doing a block mount with the images (4 block mounts as one final piece) and I think this will help the images stand out on the card and I will post the block mount in a separate blog post when it's done. If you want to see anymore of the images you can post in the comment box and ill post them in another blog post.

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