Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Liverpool (Part 2)

This is the second part to my images that were taken in Liverpool. For this series of images, we visited an Old Blind School which in the 1700's was a school for the blind. From there it's been a boarding school for the blind and has also been a venue for bands to play. They have then used it for an exhibition for the Liverpool Biennial which is happening this year but unfortunately the preserved building is going to be turned into a hotel/spa so the building will no longer be available to look at in the condition it is in now which is a big shame. Everything in the building was just a privilege to have seen. There was graffiti from the children still on the walls and there was damaged walls and floors and it was a breath-taking place and if it wasn't getting developed into a hotel I would definitely have recommended that you visit it. I took quite a lot of macro images to show all the details that wasn't obvious to the eye when you walk in and I felt that capturing the little details e.g. the paint coming off the walls and the mould in the windows, helped create a bigger image of the place itself. I went into Photoshop and faded the images out a little (using the lightness tool) and this created a more faded out effect. I did this because part of my photography project is about memories and this place will have many memories from many people so having it faded out shows the vagueness from a memory as some of us will have memories that we only just remember so it's all faded and gritty. This was the effect I was trying to get across and with it being a really old building I think that the fading effect makes the images more delicate just like the building itself. If you would like to see more of the images (as these are only a few of them) then if you comment below and I will post them in a separate blog post for you).




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