Thursday, 7 May 2015

Shoot 3 - Imperfections Through The Camera

Going back to my film photography, this is my third part using a film camera. The camera i used for this shoot was the Halina Vision XM camera so it's not an old film camera as such but the results that you get from the camera can be very frail and unique. I found with these results that the camera saturates the colour quite a bit so the colours are quite pastel and there is a slight white tint over the images which add a vintage tone to them.

For these images, i felt the imperfections were the out of focus subjects because we all love having a sharp image that shows detail and you can have the opposite when using this camera. The slight scratches and marks on some of the images also add to the imperfections but i think this also adds texture to the image as well.

My main idea was to get really close to the subject because i knew this would cause them to be out of focus and by getting so close to the subject, it sometimes because harder to know what it's meant to be and this gets the viewer thinking about what it is. I was really pleased with the outcome and it's a very simple and easy camera to use so there was no hassle in trying to set it up and get everything ready. Once you have placed the film into the camera, it is ready to go and once the film has finished, you simple click a button and it automatically winds back for youas simple as that

Some of the images were taken straight after another one and the lighting and texture to the image looks as if they were taken hours after each other. It just shows with this camera you could have any result and that's the fun of using this one. It was a lot of fun experimenting with this camera and the images were beautiful, the images were taken in my garden again while i was experimenting but my next post will have images taken with the same camera but with a slightly different setting.

Thank you for reading and make sure you have a look at my other posts that are to do with my experimentation of film cameras - keep looking to make sure that you catch my other three posts that will be put on soon.

Can you guess what this is?

This will help you with guessing the first image...

Getting closer to the subject so it becomes harder to guess what it is.

Another close up…

Spring is here!

The flower has such a soft effect from the out of focus setting.

Very yellow...

Subject out of focus, background in focus...

With slight motion blur, it helps the whole image be out of focus.

Even though the subject is out of focus, it does help it stand out a lot more. 

The composition of the flower works so well as it doesn't fill the full frame.

The darker tone to this image makes the white and purple very vibrant.

The slight frosting over the image adds a vintage feel to it.

The raindrops on the flowers add sparkles to the image… so pretty.

The subject is hard to see… but it works.

The dark soil and frosting on the image overexposes the white flower and helps it become more vibrant in the image.

The pole leads you into the image from the angle it's at.

Very vintage!


  1. Cool idea! Keep experimenting :)

    1. Thank you!! I have another 3 to upload but film photography is something I will definitely experiment with a lot