Thursday, 14 May 2015

Shoot 5 - Imperfections Through The Camera

For my fifth part of my film documentary, i focused on a completely different subject matter and focused on buildings. With the camera i used, it's not as old as the other ones so i knew i was going to be getting clearer results but i was still really intrigued as to what results i was going to get. These images were all taken around Nottingham and the buildings and surroundings have an old feel to them from looking at the bricks and style of the buildings and the historic side to the buildings. These were the ones i was targeting as i felt with an old camera, it would make the images look as if they were taken ages ago and this is what i wanted to achieve

I did the series of images and they were taken in colour, i then changed them into monochrome in Photoshop as i wanted to see if that would add to the old and vintage feeling to the images and i think this worked successfully. I have put a copy of each on so you can see which one you prefer and which ones work better in monochrome. I know that the date is wrong on the camera (this is how good i was with working the camera) as i didn't realise it had a date on the camera and this is the one it came up with. I feel that this adds to that old effect because it looks as if they were taken that long ago and it doesn't look like it was an error.

For the set of images, i was looking at the angles and shapes of the buildings and that's why i was mainly focusing at the top of buildings and experimenting with that. I was also experimenting with shadows and lighting with it being so sunny i wanted to test that out. There are imperfections within the camera because on some images there are some slight marks on the images and on some they have a soft out of focus touch to them with it being an old camera.

Make sure you have a look at the whole documentary that i am doing on my film photography, if you haven't already:

Thank you for reading and i hope you enjoy these images. 

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