Monday, 18 May 2015


This week i thought i would share you some experiments i have done with the title 'Concealment'. I was using Photoshop and was experimenting with a range of different brushes that would cover up the eyes and the mouth of the model. 

I used black and white rather than colour because it highlights the shadows and light more and i also felt with the quite dark and capturing tones of the image, the monochrome would work a lot better. I used a white brush colour because this also didn't make it look too odd and it stood out really well against the background but still fitted in well. 

I then started to look at different 'blending' options on Photoshop and this merges two images together but layers them completely without it looking fake. Some look like projections and i think this works really well when merging the two images together and it saves me less time doing it this way than actually projecting images onto the models face. 

I messed around with making the face look pixalated too and i think this is an interesting way on showing concealment too. I wanted to really experiment with my model and portrait images and do something different. With them already looking dark and mysterious i felt concealment was a good title for these images.

I will be doing some more as well and thinking of different ways of expressing concealment to help link to this project - if you have any ideas let me know and i will see if i can do them for the project.

Thank you for looking at my images and reading… I will let the images speak for themselves.   


  1. I loved these! So cool and well done!

    1. Thank you so much Ana that means a lot to me and the work I do 😊