Sunday, 10 May 2015

Shoot 4 - Imperfections Through The Camera

Hello guys, I have now moved onto my fourth out of sixth shoot on my film documentary on imperfections through the camera. In my last post, I put my film images on from the Halina Vision XM camera and I got really close up to the subjects and made sure they were going to be out of focus and have a pale frosting over the images. I wanted to achieve a different effect this time but using the same camera and see how it would look in my images. 

In the images I have taken, I know some of the images have my finger over the lens and I actually couldn't see my finger because of the way the cameras mechanism was designed with it being an older camera. But this works well for the images I was taking because it's all about imperfections. This is the whole point of using old film cameras, to make sure I can see the imperfections and show it in my images. The finger in front of the camera doesn't make too much of a distraction and it still works really well.
I took these images of more landscape shots and tried not to go too close to subjects to make them out of focus, some of them I did, but the majority of the images are still in focus and are more landscape shots. I took the images when the sun was setting and was strong with light and this shows in the images with the orbs and the light flares and it adds a delicate and beautiful effect to the images. I felt this shows in the image of the blossom and the reflection in the water and these are two strong images with a peaceful side to them.
The slight grain on the images and the slight vintage colouring to the images show that they are linked to film and it also makes the images have a slight older feeling to them and this is what makes the images so interesting.
Thank you for reading my post and I hope you enjoy looking at these sets of images - if you want to see any of my other posts linked to this project, click the links below:

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