Monday, 1 June 2015

Olympus OM 10 Film Photography

It's been a very stressful few months but I have finally finished college and my exams and now I'm looking to the future. I now have a lot more time to focus on my photography and really get experimental and visit different places to expand on my photography. Today I have been taking images on a new film camera that was given to me by my uncle, the Olympus OM 10. It's an absolute beauty with a manual override attachment as well as having a few lenses with it and a flashgun.

With me having the day off I wanted to get out before this horrible weather kicked in and test it out so I could get used to the camera and the settings. I used a black and white film this time for these images to try and create that old feeling throughout the images. I feel that after looking at the image of the hand, I want to use the black and white film again and take images of portraits and focus on certain elements of people to create really textured and detailed images. The black and white helps emphasise the shadows and highlights and I think this works and shows in the image of the hand.

I did a range of different subject matters so I could get a good tester of what works and doesn't using the black and white film. I would like to use a colour film too because I want to see what effect it would have with coloured film and if it would be slightly saturated.
Some of the images are slightly out of focus because I got a little too close to the subjects and didn't realise so next time I need to make sure I'm not too close to the subjects to prevent this. But on the other hand it works really well and gives a soft tone to the images as well as making it interesting on guessing what the subjects are as some of them can be really hard to tell.

More shots will be uploaded soon once I've taken some more shoots but once I have done, I will upload them.
Thank you for looking at my images and reading my blog post - if you have any comments please let me know below.


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    1. Thank you so much Becky - they came out better than I expected tbh xxx

  2. Hi Hayley! I love reading your blog so I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Let me know if you take part!

    Charlotte x

    1. I would love to take part in this! How do you show that you have been given this award? Thank you so much for this I really appreciate it I really do!xxx