Friday, 17 April 2015

Film Documentary - Imperfections Through The Camera

I hope everyone has had a lovely Easter and had a nice half term and while i've been off i've decided to get some of the film cameras out and test them out. I ended up going to a market at the start of the holidays and i ended up coming away with two more film cameras… that's now 9 in total! In the 6 shoots i did throughout Easter i used 3 of my film cameras and wanted to see what effect i would get from them and with some being older than others, i wanted to compare the results i got from them. I looked at the older one first which is a German Vintage Beirette Camera and they were first used in the 1960's so i was really excited to see what the images would come out like. With it being an older camera, you have to wind the film yourself so this caused me to sometimes wind too much or not enough and get some half and half images which is something i love to see. It's like an accidental double exposure. 

As you may be able to tell, i am a little shaky so with the older cameras it really does pick up on the shake and the motion and so this makes them a little out of focus, but it does work well it gives it that older effect and again it links with the imperfections through the camera. As people would see the out of focus and overexposed look as an imperfection, i want people to see it as a perfection and to find it interesting, it gives the viewer more to think about and study and understand

This was my first shoot and all these images were taken in my garden as i was trying to find subject matters that might not be that aesthetically pleasing and then some that were the complete opposite so that there was that comparison in the photo shoot.

I will be uploading all 6 photo shoots that i have done on my film cameras so keep looking throughout the next few days to see my different photo shoots and the different images and subject matters i focused on. 

If you have any comments at all on my images or on what i could do to improve please let me know and i'll act up on any comments i get - thank you - enjoy. 

This image and the next image are perfect examples of the different subject matters as these images are complete opposites.

Got to love spring...

I love how this one looks so faded from the motion of the camera.

The vintage tone in this image really brightens the yellows and brightens the darker colours too.

My favourite...

Another favourite...

Yep… another favourite

And this one is too!

The composition of the flower makes it difficult to see what it is but it also works out better this way as the bright, vibrant colours make the image work.

The bright and dull colours in this image contrasts each other.

As the flower started to blow in the wind and i lost it… the composition and angle of this image still creates an interesting image which will get the viewer thinking about the subject matter.

Some more twigs.

This has a gloss finish to it and i love how this image actually fades to black when it reaches the bottom, very dark and mysterious...

The bold brown twig against such a pale wall creates a strong contrast and also gives a focal point for the viewer.


  1. So awesome!

    1. Thank you for your comment I really appreciate it x
      Hayley x

  2. How beautiful. Cameras are so much fun. I remember a lot of those older ones!

    1. Thank you so much! Yeah I love experimenting with old im cameras at the moment the effect they have on images is outstanding x

  3. Fun shots! I saw something once on tv about a girl who would click the button on their camera then toss it into the air. It was a really interesting piece, and would get really interesting photos.

    1. thank you so much for the advice - it sounds so fun to do I'll have to try it out and put my pictures up - so excited to try this out now x

  4. I can't wait to see what photos you get with the advice above too. Very creative!

    1. I know it's going to be so interesting - such a good idea though I never thought about doing something like that

  5. I like these images because they are so different and they really make you "think" about what the subject matter is!

    1. Thank you so much - yeah you have to really look into the image to work out the subject matter and this is what attracts me to images myself