Thursday, 23 April 2015

Shoot 2 - Imperfections Through The Camera

So, this is now my second part to my film documentary and if you have looked at my first part, you will notice that the images and the subject matters are slightly different. I wanted to try and set more of an urban theme throughout these images as i was focusing my subject matters on urban environments and housing. I used a different film camera for this shoot to my first shoot and even though i was actually on a train when taking these images, it kept the subjects really still and reasonably sharp.

There was a panorama setting on the camera and this is where the black lines have come from as it crops in the image more and i was so satisfied with the outcomes as i was so worried what the panorama setting would look like. I feel that this is one of the stronger shoots out of them all and there are certain features in this shoot that make me feel that way. The saturated colours and the faded sepia tone throughout some of the images also saturates the colours. The slight marks and imperfections in the colour also make the images really old looking and the light levels and slight overexposure adds to the old look too. (Having the date wrong also makes it look as if they were taken 5 years ago… i have now learnt how to change it).

This photo shoot was about my journey from A to B and apart from the urban aspect, i wasn't aiming the image towards nature like i did in my first shoot and i think this broadens my experimentation with the subjects as well as the cameras.

If you have any comments with this series of images or my first series, please leave a comment below with either feedback or some criticism - thank you.


  1. Cool pics! I love the different landscapes. Gorgeous.

    1. thank you so much and it was around Sheffield where the images were taken - i loved the urban environments and that's what makes the images old