Friday, 24 April 2015

My Evening Walk

Moving away from my film photography at the moment, I decided to bring out my DSLR camera and go out for an evening walk with my dad to see what I could find. We went to a local wood which normally just has a few birds and wild horses but tonight there was so many interesting animals and lighting settings for me to take pictures of.
We first came across a baby deer and I got the shot when it was looking right at me. It was so scared that it wouldn't take it's eyes off us... until somebody came along to scare it. We then started walking on and all of a sudden 5 cows showed up, then 8, then 10 and then 16 cows were around us. I have never been so excited to see cows before! I was taking pictures of the mother cows and they were happily eating away, then all these calves came running towards us and wanted their pictures taking. But... I don't think their mother liked that, so I moved on after that.
As we were about to leave I turned around to look at the view across the woods and the sun was starting to set. The bright and golden sun started to mesmerise me and I was constantly taking pictures of the trees against the sun. With the sun being so bright, it was making the trees look like silhouettes and I thought it looked so peaceful and I also felt it looked a little like Africa.
It was a very successful evening for my photography and the images I got were something that you don't really get to see everyday (well, when your in Yorkshire you don't).
If you have any comments please let me know and comment below. Thank you for reading.
I can see you.

A very big poser...

They must take after their mum!

Moving on for the evening...

One of my favourite images from the shoot.

These calves liked to pose... I think it was scared stiff to move though.

Dusk starts to fall.

It feels like Africa!

Another sunset shot.

The trees start to look like silhouettes and that's what shows the finer details in the branches.

Such a warm and relaxed tone to this image from the lighting.

Another warm and beautifully composed image.

The night is starting to fall.


  1. Beautiful country photography... LOVE.

    1. Thank you Gina, living in the countryside has its perks ahhaha