Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Typical British Weather

Okay, since spring has arrived all it's done is rain!! This is just typical British weather so I haven't really been out to take images with it being so cold and horrible. I decided to go out into the garden though and get a few images that would describe British weather easily but to also make my images bright... I don't want them to be dull like the weather we have. I was limited on what I could take images of and I didn't want to spend too long in the rain as I was recovering from a chest infection so I managed to get a few images that were both composed and edited well. For the last section of my images the background was really dark for some reason and the flowers came out fine and instead of brightening it up in Photoshop, I decided to darken the background so it was completely black and this worked out so well for my images... It really helps the flowers stand out and I was so pleased. I think framing some of these just has to be done.
Have a look through these images and let me know what you think of the editing and let me know if there is anything else I could add into the project. I feel that carrying it on might be a good idea and will help me create a stronger project.

These flowers have had a soaking but it has more of a silky smooth effect to them in the first image and in the second they look the complete opposite, so dry with big still drops on them.

I didn't want to edit this image because it wouldn't work with the raindrops hanging from the bottom so I left this one like this and darkened some of the area in the background and I was pleased with the result I got.

These are all the images that I had decided to darken out the background and the white contrasts so well with the black and the raindrops stand out to the max. The last image is also very eye catching as it has the sharp and bright coloured middle and the petals then come across really soft and slightly out of focus so your eyes are drawn straight to the middle of the image.

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