Monday, 9 February 2015

Plastic Optic Lens (from Lensbaby)

When it was Christmas, i got a set of optic lenses from Lensbaby which all have different effects that you can control by using them. You need to attach the different lenses to a different piece of kit that then attaches onto your camera and you can get a range of different lenses to swap around with. With it being clear on a morning and quite frosty, i wanted to go out and use one of the lenses to see what i would get. I used the one which is called the Plastic Optic and this gave the images a really soft tone and exaggerated the colours throughout the image and i felt this was a really successful shoot. I tired minimal subjects to various and made the images simple and busy to experiment with the lens and to see how they came out and i was really pleased with the outcome. I have started a new project in my photography course and this is something i'm going to be using a lot more in it so expect a lot more images that are similar to this. I will also try the other three lenses i got with the kit and upload the results i get from this. If anyone has any comments or criticism from these images i would be happy to hear them as i'm willing to really experiment with this lens and try out a range of different subjects with it. 

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