Monday, 2 February 2015

My Trip To Auschwitz 2013

When I went to visit Auschwitz in 2013, it was my first trip where I could really experiment with my camera and this was a big opportunity for my images and to get some really emotive and inspirational images. This was a trip that was very emotional and an eye-opener for us and we got to see one of the main gas camps that Hitler had set up. When I was taking my images on some I focused on the composition to get really interesting images that had an arty hint to them, but for others I just wanted to capture the emotion that I felt seeing what I saw through the viewfinder. As I was trying to get used to some of the features on my camera still the images aren't perfect, but like I said the emotion hopefully comes through the images. Out of hundreds of pictures I felt that these were the best ones and the ones that captured the atmosphere well. I think that the images speak for themselves and that there is not a lot to say about these apart from that they do speak for themselves.

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