Sunday, 22 February 2015

Images From Fairburn Ings (05-05-14)

I thought since I haven't posted in a while, I would post some of my older images that I had taken last year at Fairburn Ings. I've uploaded a range of different subjects that I had taken at the nature reserve just to show you the different images you can take even though it's a nature reserve. With the top image I decided to fade it in Photoshop so it had a frosted effect across the image and with the sharp pinks and yellows in the flowers, this brings it all out really well. All these images are mainly macro images and get really close with the subject so that the main focus is the subject and that the viewers eyes are drawn to the subject. I feel that the images of the ducks are my strongest images of the lot. I had my camera on a faster shutter speed so that the water is frozen when the duck is throwing it around and this creates a more interesting image from this. I've only uploaded a few images but if you want to see more comment below and I'll upload some more in another blog post.

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