Thursday, 5 February 2015

Night Time Images

After looking outside tonight and seeing how clear the sky was, I decided to go and take some images of the moon and stars. I was using a new lens that I got (70-300mm) so I could really zoom into the moon and get some really interesting shots. I got this one image of the moon that I cropped to make it a little tighter. I then got on to taking images of the stars which was amazing to see because there was only a few stars that I could see, but after leaving the exposure on for around 30 seconds there was hundreds of stars that showed up. This led me to take about 30 images of just the stars on such a clear night and for some you could see them moving ever so slightly with the slight motion blur after the star. After that I decided to try out taking images with a long exposure on of the scenery. From what was pitch black, led to the images showing a blue sky as if it was a sunset. It was incredible to see such a different view on the same bit of scenery and it has such a soft tone to them with them being slightly out of focus. Then after that I turned to look at light trails as it wasn't too busy so it wouldn't make the images too bright but there was enough so that I had a decent amount of light trails across the image. The images show just the lights from the cars and not the cars themselves and you can also see where the cars have turned themselves. With these only being my first attempts, I will take it on board and progress from these but it was a really good night for experimenting.

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