Sunday, 26 July 2015

Yes.. More Macro Photography

My bird is so photogenic... He loves his picture being taken so I took this as a perfect opportunity to test some macro shots on him. I think I got about 15 minutes worth before he started to get bored. But I managed to get a few different shots in this time. I love the vibrant colours on my bird and the different textures with his feathers and his skin and the macro photography emphasises that.
 I wanted to focus on the little details that you sometimes can't see from a distance and I wanted to highlight it by using the macro lens and fill the frame up with the little details to make it bigger. The images are very soft from the out of focus effect and the shallow depth of field and this also helps the small details stand out.
I think the first image is one of my favourites purely because of the contrast between the texture from the wood and the texture from the skin from the bird. It also has a strong contrast in colours which helps the different colours and details from the skin stand out. The lighting was also important in my images as I wanted it to help the colours stand out and not over expose them or darken them so I only used natural light.
I hope you like my set of images and thank you for reading.

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