Monday, 6 July 2015

Texture With Macro

With this beautiful weather we have been having, I decided to go on a walk and capture some texture images with my macro lens around the village and near the pond. The sun was setting and the light was lowering but this made my images a lot softer and some objects became silhouettes.
I was focusing on a variety of things and kept my options open when I was taking my image to try and see what different objects looked like through the macro lens. Then when we reached the local pond, I was taking images of the scenery and wanted to capture the deserted atmosphere.
We also met a little friendly butterfly on the journey who loved having it's picture taken so I tried to get some macro images of the beautiful colours the butterfly had.  
There isn't a lot of colour in these images and some of them are very dull toned but the texture that is shown in the images aren't always positive so the tones and colours match the negativity in some of the images.
I hope you enjoy the images and if you have any feedback let me know.


  1. Great macro shots, love your pictures on the plants and flowers. Great shoot on the butterfly, its really hard to capture insect since they get easily scared, once you try to shoot them they run away in an instant :))

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    1. Thank you so much that means a lot to me 😃 and it was so hard to get it because it kept flying away and getting fidgety but I think it was injured because it couldn't fly that far so that's why it was a perfect opportunity to take images d it