Tuesday, 14 January 2014

About Me And My Camera

I really needed to start writing something, here it is...
My blog is going to all be about my photography and artists that inspire me. It will also include different techniques I've learnt and tried using and different tips that could help you guys who are in the same position as me and have just started out in the technical world of photography. I am deeply passionate about my photography and it all started just over a year ago, so I am still quite new to it all and a little inexperienced but I'm hoping that one day I will become a professional photographer with my own little business up and running in the near future. I am currently at York College studying AS Photography and BTEC Creative Print Based Media. They are both subjects which I do not regret taking and have loved every second of them since I first started. I hope your all not bored yet... I have more! My love for photography all started out when I went on a family trip to Italy in August 2012 and I remember having my Blackberry phone and the camera on those phones are just the most annoying and (hmmmm... it's hard thinking of a word for this one without swearing) let's leave it at annoying but it was hard trying to get decent pictures of the beautiful and breath-taking country. I realised how much I loved taking photos when I went to Venice for the day and my mum and dad let me borrow the digital camera for about an hour before my sister got mardy because she didn't have it haha. I loved just looking around at the different buildings, textures, cultures, food and landscapes for good photographs and I enjoyed having control of the camera and the freedom of the different pictures I could take. Since that day it has become part of my life and for Christmas that year I got my first DSLR camera. Yes it's a Canon (sorry Nikon lovers) it's the Canon 1100D and the lens I got with the camera is an 18-55mm lens.
These are a few images I have taken of my camera and in another blog I will go into detail of the functions on my camera and the equipment I own at the moment.
I hope this has given you an insight of how my passion for photography started and it is just a little introduction to my blog. Keep looking for more posts that will be uploaded soon.

This is the top view of my camera with the lens attached.  

This is the top view of my camera again. 

This is the lens detached from the camera.


  1. I like your camera! I a canon too. Those make really pretty pictures.

    1. Thank you hehe I've upgraded now to a 70D Canon - absolutely love the Canon cameras and they do they are beautiful cameras